To those who think they know me… think again.  To those who wish to bring me down… I can’t get any lower… my views on judgement


Who are you to judge me? Do I live up to society? Do I live up to your standards?
Do you know me? When you see me, do you assume to know how I think? If you look at me and judge, shame on you.

Shame on all who assume to know how it is to live in another life.

We all pass judgement.

We all assume to know.

But what are we looking for?


I wonder…
Who is to say what normal is?
To me, normal is a person who thinks about others and displays generosity and empathy towards them. Is free to live the way they choose. Who believes in God and Life as beauty. Someone who does not let society dictate how to feel. Normal to me is quiet, loving and willing to learn, open minded and simple. Has morals and is not afraid of Life. Idealistic yes, but of course.
I say that is normal…but that is me. How can I presume to know anything? When the anything I presume is a projection of my wants?

I am sure that we all think about others as being different, there is no such thing as uniformity in people and in thoughts. That is what makes life wonderful, we can spend eternity learning from one another. Why spend that time passing judgments that are created by a society who shows no mercy…We are trapped by our “ideals”. The lust and envy our society has filtered in our minds.

Why do people judge? Are we God? Only He can judge. How would you feel to have your inadequacies brought forth for others to ridicule? Do you not suffer the shame of unaccomplished dreams on some level? How does that feel? Now amplify that feeling towards all who are different. We share the same feelings, cry the same tears and breath the same air of relief at the days end for the day is over. I believe no one can be content in their lives…there is always the desire for something more…

To desire something more is natural. Life is so much more. Do not pass judgments on those who are different. We are all connected by a common thread. We are all connected on so many more levels than we can imagine. Do not judge others until you can accept judgment upon yourself.


I have judged myself… I know what I need to know. Why then does it still hurt to be judged?

13 responses to “Judgement

  1. Yes… unfortunately, there are certainly many people out there who like to pass judgement. I try not to be one of them.

    “People who live in glass houses…”, and all that..

  2. Suspend judgment whenever possible. This is a very philosophical position. We judge to act…P.S. Love the skepticism expressed in the Socrates quote in your sidebar. Maybe that’s the best approach. Alas, with so much doubt, not much gets done. But maybe we need to “think more” and “do less” in our society. Of course, that’s also a judgment…

    • N~ makes you dizzy after a while… perhaps perception is an automatic judgement… maybe it is all about the intention…. either way, I find myself frustrated more and more with my thoughts… maybe I should just stop thinking. maybe?

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  4. I really like this post, even if you say it a ramble. What speaks to me most is the last line-“I have judged myself… I know what I need to know. Why then does it still hurt to be judged?”
    I don’t know, enreal. And it does. I know we all want to feel we are KNOWN, at least by someone. It hurts sometimes to be, well, misunderstood. But as you said, so much of the time others don’t really know us at all. And sometimes others can get mighty invested in who they believe we are! Or should be.
    Lately I find myself reacting to being judged a bit differently than I usually do. What can I learn from it? Sometimes for me it’s simply what you wrote; I know what I need to know. What another thinks doesn’t change what I know. And that can be lonely.
    Judging others, funny, whenever I do, I realize there is something I must learn from the one I judge. It’s pretty interesting.
    I’m glad to find you still here, writing as always moving and thought provoking things. I was away a spell. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here.


    • Pearl, I have missed your wisdom… thank you for adding a rich perspective to my post. Indeed it is important to be aware and learn from yourself, your feelings and your actions… Give me the strength to do the same more oft than not.

      Great hearing from you

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