Empty Destiny

With each day comes forth new possibilities for happiness. We live each day as if life is continuous and we have no say in what happens. This is false. We control our destinies, we choose our lives. Whether to live the same or to make the change… to face a truth or to be afraid… It is a sad and empty destiny, if this is the path we take.

Emptiness is the consumption of will.
It is not the beginning that counts,
It is the return to the present that manifests life

All creativity must have roots.
All expectations must have matter,
All possibilities may become whole. If we choose it so…

My beautiful dream,
Giving way to sadness nevermore.
I’ve been wanting signs.
Waiting in fear.

I can not imagine falling way.
I can not believe in emptiness… even if emptiness believes in me.

Are we Lost?
Can we be Found?

One day

Destiny allows room for error
All things will be shown at Time’s leisure
For we do not always achieve our destiny,
Others play a hand in fate
And Fate in turn,
Has its own destiny

4 responses to “Empty Destiny

  1. Beautiful! I agree, we all have in our hands the power to make a difference. We just need to leave things to time.

    I especially liked the last verse. It is so profound.

  2. Emptiness for false í can be transformed into fullness for real i.

    Thanks for all of your beautiful heart felt posts.

  3. whoa. deep stuff, enreal. fate. desitny. both. neither. ?

    these are the kinds of thoughts that can make my brain hurt… or release it… depending on how I want to twist it.

    thanks for sharing. =)

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