Listen to her… please

Gabrielle Bouliane (Austin Poetry Slam)

Gabrielle Bouliane:  July 24, 1966 — January 29, 2010

(video recorded on December 5, 2009)

If only we could listen… truly listen to her… thank you ToBeMe for sharing this… and please I believe everyone should see this… pass the message on, as ToBeMe states…

“do it so that this message rings around the world.”

This was written about her by her family

The lovely and amazing performance poet Gabrielle Bouliane performs for the audience at the Austin Poetry Slam.

This would be her last public performance.

Gabrielle was diagnosed with Stage Four Cancer shortly before this video was filmed. Our dear sister fought hard, but she ended her fight January 29, 2010. She was surrounded by family and friends, and her passing was in a very quiet, peaceful room full of love and affection. She was so brave.

Please share this video with everyone you know. I am sure it would tickle her to no end to have this video get as viral as a video can be. Tell the world.

Bunny up!

2 responses to “Listen to her… please

  1. Enreal,
    Thank-you for sharing this very important message! May we come to understand that there is no guarantee for tomorrow and that we must live now and embrace now. I love Gabrielle’s message. She is the voice of God. This is a message that comes through her … may we have the wisdom to listen.

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