The I

I want to feel what I can not see

Look beyond my minds eye

Find within the sacred ties

I want to touch what is not real

Beneath my skin

To reach from within

I want to forget that which I have learned

Believe in what can not be proven

Perceive what has been hidden

Can I wake from this dream?

My Body

My mind

Through space

Through time

Can I finish this task?


Challenge my purpose

Take off the masks

Can I feel what can not be heard?

Breathe what cannot be seen

Hunger for knowledge and feast upon wisdom

Will I reach the end

Where time will lapse

When matter will suspend

All can be learned if only one listens to the questions… the infinite questions

9 responses to “The I

  1. Well put juxtapositions.

    I felt that some created missing paradox; they seemed to have contradictions but that was due to my own presumptions in perception.

    This quest to not be bound by reality, or what we assume is our concepts of what is real, and embracing dreams and underlying metaphysical truth, is a journey you articulate wonderfully.

    We have our thoughts, but are not always sure where their truth is, where their cause issues from. Seekers and sojourners appear to not take ignorance as an answer to the thirst for meaning.

    Thanks for the cool drink Enreal

  2. Your poetry voiced my diary and thus the questions transfered into a smile. Thank you for the verses that enabled me not to fear but to chat with the infinite questions.

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