Time hangs on the walls of the mind

The mind is a home

Still and Bare

The future is outside the open doors

Neither aware

Nor scared

Hanging in the open air

The meadow calls for one to dance

The wind beckons for one to sing

The memories fade to an everlasting spring

For the journey has yet to begin

I stand



The door seems to fade

Then thought distracts

Remove my eyes so I can see

Free my mind so I can be

Take my heart so I can feel

Show me what I have always sensed as real

7 responses to “Outside

  1. Wow Enreal.

    This one is incredible. First I am caught by the mind as still and bare, then later, about freeing the mind so you can be. I need to read this a few more times, let it sink in and savor it.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. I agree with SE..this is incredible! I love the images your words create and their meanings!

    I hope you have been well, dear one.

    Thank you for BEING!

    Good energies and peace of heart to you,


  3. This is absolutely stunning!
    This may sound a little strange but, whenever I read your words I find that, in my mind, I am creating music around them at the same time. Your words seem to bring out my creative side!

    With love and gratitude


  4. yes Enreal, you have always sensed it as real….and thats why you are enreal!
    And very lovely piece you have written, full of warmth and love.

  5. Very well worded and truthful thoughts:
    ..’Time hangs on the walls of the mind
    The mind is a home..’
    A wonderful poem.thanks for sharing.
    God bless.

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