Always there


She sat quietly,

Contentment and peace resting on her heart.

Had this truly happened?

The  night as always, dark and pure

Exploded with the lights of a hundred fireflies…

She smiled and turned


At her side

She saw

Her Angel

The face she always knew, yet never saw

The friend she always heard, yet knew not the voice

There at her side

Yet she was not surprised

For she always knew

She always heard

The Angel in her heart

10 responses to “Always there

  1. Hello Enreal,

    Did you see her again? Do you mean you saw something with your eyes or in your mind or your heart? There is definitely something greater than us inside of us but to me it seems more like a fragile yet magical child that I see with my heart.

    I am also convinced that there are angels. I see them not with my eyes but as the probable cause of impossible co-incidences corresponding to a movement of the heart.

    Anyway, may you see her often.

  2. A beautiful poem. Now, to realise that the angel is a rare glimpse of one’s inner self that is in communion with Self.

  3. Beautiful Enreal, as always!!
    I especially love this line
    “Exploded with the lights of a hundred fireflies”

    I have seen angels…only a few times, but even once was enough. Your perfectly described one of them!!! I was told he/she is a special guardian angel. 🙂

    I hope your are well and happy, my dear.
    Energies of Love and light to you!

  4. While I am typing this, I knew my angel is seeing me and I have read these words for her as you have written the words for your angel.
    It is a great blessing to know there is always someone besides you, no matter what! And yeah, we always know her (or him)!

  5. This is so beautiful.. Your poem radiates a feeling of warmth and contentment.. that beckons the angel in our heart to come forth! Lovely imagery, that sets up the profound ambience.. Fantastic read!

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