Thundering, beating painfully in my chest

My mind tries to grant solace

Reasons for the echo that grant me no rest

The echo as I lay, eyes closed dreaming of these words

The echo is enough to make my body rise

5 responses to “Echo

  1. Beautiful. It is clear that this is you, and the rhythm is quite nice. Where did it come from? Just a hint of transcendence at the the end. Something in you can write.

  2. i like it, i like it a lot…it is clear description and the images unfolding nicely

    (i must, honestly, say that from reading you before you can improve this one. maybe replace some of the repeating words, or develop it a bit – just a bit – of course if that kind of comment is unwelcome by you, or you feel i would have better write it to you in personal just delete it and let me know)


  3. As I read this, outside the rain was pounding while winds battered. Thundering rumbled continuously, a heavy presence. Thanks for the words spoken.

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