Alone in your mind…

You sat there
Alone in your mind

I reached into your soul
Knelt in silence

Waiting for the call

I could not bury my thoughts
Until you gave in

We are alone
Yet we are one

We reach for light
We find darkness in sight

You helped me carry this gift
Opened and found our worlds

We are alive in a fantasy
Imagine the possibilities

What is real…
what we see?

You sit there
Alone in your mind

In the middle of your thoughts
I walked through

You gazed upon me
I acknowledged you

9 responses to “Alone in your mind…

  1. Once more, just gorgeous.
    Running out of words to write these comments.

    So simple, so gentle, so real.

    (((Spaz))) thank you… just the point that you take time to read makes me happy…

  2. Dear enreal, you did it, a wonderful poem…
    I reached into your soul
    knelt in silence

    that has a spheric radiation.

    (((Rainer))) you my friend offer a radiation that makes me smile… blessings and light to you…

  3. No words can describe how this spoke to my soul only a simple thank you is all I can offer you, thank you.

    (((sanity))) I receive your thank you and bow to you… for your soul is alive and bright… she shines and smiles at mine…

  4. Enreal. You speak to our inner thoughts. So often we go so long without really communicating our inner thoughts. They remain buried; but you have the gift of bringing or inner thoughts to the surface so that we might speak or write them or at least acknowledge them. At least for me , you do this. Thanks again for your beautiful words and insight. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

    (((cordie))) Your words touch me Cordie… I am honored simply to have you read mine… Thank You

  5. Your poem enreal is EXACTLY how I feel right now. I feel like I am simply trapped within a corked up bottle that I can’t seem to pop free…

    (((ara))) just do it… let go… pop free… you can ara… just let go, be free… 😉

  6. one is complete,
    two is incomplete,
    three is complete.

    (((vishesh))) welcome!! I do not understand your comment… but thank you for stopping by…

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