A lovely discussion…

My dear Gypsy Heart, what a lovely discussion… She commented and it touched my heart… these are the types of conversations I long for… ask questions, seek truths… share each other… Gain an ounce of insight… a glimpse of the universe…  


Gypsy~Heart wrote:


I read all of your latest posts, and you really touched my heart. I ask the same questions and I yearn for the same completion! Going through the motions of life… with burning fires within my heart. (that gypsy-heart feeling). Feeling as though I am here but I am not… as if I do not belong. Do you ever feel these things? Recently you said you felt we knew each other before… care to expound on that? No respone necessary or you can email me if you prefer. Sending love and light to you!


Enreal in response…


(((Gypsy Heart)))… there is something about the energy I feel from you, even your name, it makes sense to me… not to mention your art… it is familiar… you never truly know all there is to know, the purpose behind these meetings… for you see, we all are connected now, trough this medium… we all have met, share a huge part of our Soul… connected, do you understand… of course you do,,, I received your light and Love… namaste my friend…  

2 responses to “A lovely discussion…

  1. Enreal, I’ve seen gypsy-heart’s blog and art gallery; humbly I echo your words on her art. They give me peace.

    (((Glaize))) I am blessed by your peace… may it last forever

  2. Dear Enreal., I am grasping for words. You are beyond this world.

    I think you summed it up beautifully…
    “ask questions, seek truths… share each other… Gain an ounce of insight… a glimpse of the universe… ”

    That is the connection..and the key.

    Love is the way.

    Thank you for BEING!!!

    (((Gypsy))) Thank you for inspiring! 😉

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