In the name of…God?

Are you a good Christian?

Are you a good Muslim?

Are you a good Jew?

What ever faith you believe…
What ever happened to just being a good person?

Is monotheistic obedience leading to social and fundamental intolerance?
Are centuries of beliefs turning into a mass of ignorance?Do our beliefs poison society?
Did we not learn anything from the centuries of war?
Did we not learn through our enlightened knowledge that we are all so very similar?

Only consciousness separates us (if that).

In the name of God, Yahwey, Allah, Haile Selassie, Shangdi 上帝, Shen 神,Zhu, Tian Zhu 主,天主, Tian 天, Akal Purakh…
All these names, representing a common omnipresence.
A beauty encompassing power that can be both salvation and damnation at once…
These names give hope to millions and have inspired millions to do wonderful things.
So then, how did these names lead to some of the most unimaginable atrocities?

Is it in the name of God?
Or is God an excuse?

The meaning of God, what it represents, whether or not you believe…it is a hope…a sense of purpose…a reason…
All these names…The Name… God

I was recently asked if I was a good Christian. I am private about my beliefs, but it got me thinking on this topic.
My conclusion is this…whether or not you believe in anything is on you. Only you can make yourself happy. How you live your life and whether or not you are a “good” believer or follower is your decision to make, and is no ones place to judge.

And as for God…what God stands for is more than war and violence. Remember always, the potential is infinite.

The name of God…It is amazing what a Name can hold…