Where has it gone
Words ring through my ears
Forms shadow on my tears

When did it part
Was it for choice mind
Or the heart

As the notion sets
The perception in focus
Distance is ageless
Time is unbiased

For now it is passed
Wait for the last
For now unremembered
What is lost
I surrendered


Crystal is the air
Unyielding is the ground
Clear is the light
Lost is the sound

On a leaf of time
Suspended by wind
Tumbling by
Our season begins

Winter brings
Silenced things
Buried is life
Along with strife

For now has come
A season of one
To shelter within
Rebirth and begin

This time of winter
Take refuge and feel
A new chance has begun
One to grow, one to heal

Together with time
Seasons come and pass by
With each turn
Let us reconcile and learn