Heavy with sighs
Sad in the eyes

Tired with pain
Alone and ashamed

The mind throbs in thought
The soul aches distraught

Too empty to feel
As if life were unreal

As emotion fills
Shadows grow still

As sadness shakes
Dejection aches

This soon shall pass
As time in glass

How sadness can feel
As if never to heal

11 responses to “Sadness

  1. Tobeme…all things do have their time, and it does pass. At that moment I felt heavy… Does that make sense?

    MWM…Thank you… I need reassurance sometimes.

    Thank you for being here and responding…all of you. It gives me something to look foreword to. Peace be with all of you and I can not express my thanks enough.

  2. Oh, look!! I made it through finally!

    (((( Enreal )))) There have been many times when I’ve felt just like this – and not that long ago. I wanted you to know how loved you are, and that I am here for you.

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