Can you hear me
I call to you
I am not near you
I am with you

In patience
In solitude
I am always here
Waiting for you to hear

What I would give
To be more than a voice
What I would give
To be heard
To be given the choice

As I watch you from a distant place
I look into your eyes
I look into your space

with all of this searching

you see not my face

We sit in silence
You never realize I am here
As I wait for you to see
I wait for you to hear

You and I

Shall be together

you and I



in silence

10 responses to “Listen

  1. Your words never fail to take me to a different place, sometimes I wish I didn’t have to come back. Beautiful xx

    • but alas we must always come back… one day we shall have to find a physical place where we can feel this way and stay there for some time… bringing our words with us of course… thank you Brylie Jane

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