Those Places

My mind goes back

Memory pays respect to those places

My awareness retracts

Familiarity carries on to those places

My soul speaks in tongues

It opens gateways of shadow and light to those places




Before them in those places

They speak so clear

I  can hear

I can feel

I can understand them and their foreign tongues

In their foreign land

The land for which I long

The land from which I belong



My words do not come forward for I can not speak

My voice is silent

Yet they hear me

They see me

They smile with me

In those places


My heart

My soul



I understand

I am content

In those places



Slowly I turn and see

The oceans

The suns

The moons

The rings of light and color

All in the sky

Or is it below

The ground of magic and shadows of light

the dust is alive with memories and dreams

The blades of grass which dance and laugh

the waters which run spring and jump with happiness and life

Or are they



Awareness distracts once more

I have seen and forgotten the foreign shore

The break within the mind

The moments lost in the ocean of time



I say farewell

Those places

Shall sleep

For now

But not for long



for what was known in a dream

again I shall see

for within the slightest memory

we are revealed to what is and what shall always be

forgotten meaning

And there it was… her message. the meaning of it all… For how long she had searched, she never truly understood until that moment…

“Wake up!” The shout echoed through her mind.

The alarm clock buzzed.

She lay in bed.

Searching for her meaning.

On the ceiling


“I thought you were dead…”

I woke slowly, my mind still wrapped in thought. How vivid the night was. The sound of his breath. The touch of his hand. The soft, safe security of his arms… the warmth of his worried eyes…

Another night of dreams, more moments fading into visions, merging into the flashes of emotions… forgetting reality and death… as our minds traverse universe upon universe…

“no my daughter, I am not dead,” he replied with a soft smile.

An amazing dream I had with my father. As always when I dream of him, I forget he died. I miss him in person, here in my life… but I know he is still alive in my heart… as he told me last night in our far away world…

Hard to believe it has been almost three years…


I don’t want to go

I’m afraid to

I’m afraid to leave

I’m afraid I will never dream this dream again

I’m afraid I will never feel this way again

I’m afraid if I fall asleep

Once more

It would have all been a dream

A dream within a dream

Please stay

bitter calm of winter

The smell of winter.

Darkness arrives early this time of year.

Time passes slow.

The sound of my voice is clearer as the wind silences the world.

What is it about the oncoming peace that leaves my heart confused? The calm on the waters is soothing as my mind races far into the future, doubling back and charging through the barrier of time… flimsy really… for one can always venture into the past, the future is what leaves us in shadow…

There is a calling from within the mist of the shadow… hearing what we know, yet understanding as one would a lost language… or understanding as one would a smile… sad is the voice from within… as is the look in the eyes of my dying father… Did he know he was going to die that night? The look in his eyes say yes. Yes… yet it was just a dream, another lost memory, just another dream. It fades…

Fading as are the years one ventures away from the sound of his voice, or is it my voice… Can I hear the difference?  Do I know of what I speak? Is this really about him? Or is it really about me? Just another vision, just another dream, just another tear which falls to my feet…

The ground is cold beneath my feet… I stand before the calm shore and the moon glistens its light upon the waters… darkest night so full of light… where is my vision? where is my sight? I turn to find my father by my side… the bitter calm of winter… he smiles… he is here again, for now… then why am I so sad?

Because these are just more words coming from my head… more words… or simply another dream… Yes… it was just a dream, another lost memory, just another dream… coming from my head



“A magical place indeed”.

The air alive and glowing with energy, like a vivid dream… you could smell the ethereality of it…

“A peculiar, magical place….”

She had awoken to a scene and a dilemma. There before her stood two paths. Unlike others she traveled before…

where the long winding road lay before or behind or side to side…

“the light is brightest above, yet perhaps I shall wander below…”

Static clung to the light, bringing electricity to sound, sparks to sight…

A wind wispered in her mind…

“A magical place indeed”

She said these words aloud as she found her way down

No rules



In the beginning I sank,
Deep down into an abyss
A feeling…
As if pieces were missing from my soul.
Panicking I felt for holes…
Holes in my heart.
Holes in my soul

All I ever needed
I misplaced along the way
Long ago
As I backtracked
I missed the path.

Further and further I went,
I could not find my heart…
I could not find my soul.

I screamed.
My screams were muted,
Muted by a place that is beyond sound.
In this place there are no rules.

Movement in the distance I saw.
I ran…
My legs moved as fast as permitted,

My body can only travel so far.
In this place there are no rules.

I saw over the hills,
I reached.
Pieces of my soul were there.
In this place there are no rules.

The darkness produce shadows,
I wanted to see clear figures in the sun.
I wanted to dance with the shadows of the moon.
Simultaneous and Impossible,
I needed to complete my soul.

Every moment of this time elapsed,
In a world where there are no boundaries.
In a moment that spans a lifetime… yet escapes in a breath.
I understood
In this place there are no rules.

My time culminated with a solution.
Just right for the journey back…
Through this place that has no rules.
To my slumbering body.
My soul weary,
Back from a place that has no rules.



In the beginning I sank…