It is coming,

I feel it

Let it come,

I care not

I’ll let it

take me away

I’ll go

I’m ready


As I wait

the mysteries contemplate

Light is revealed

With it’s final breath

They must know

That I fought


Until today

When I knew


I am ready

to go

I am tired

I know

The voices

they will say

I failed

Let them think it

I care not

I’m free

25 responses to “free

  1. Miss D is right. Your writing has changed. But not to where it’s not you. I can still hear your voice, that signature sound of Enreal, but it has evolved.

    I care not
    I’m free.

    Beautiful. 🙂

    • Thank you Tim… thats a pretty big compliment… I don’t know about evolving… I go though phases when I write, some are darker than others… it is what feels right… right now

    • Tincup… i suppose with infinite patience and acceptance it would be… yet that is quite difficult… that is why we catch and steal glimpses of true happiness and wonderment… thank you for your insight and thoughts 🙂

      • Yes talented and wise poet. Most of the past great thinkers (and I include Jesus in the category of great thinking humans) and artists agree with your position. I am afraid that I suffer from a case of idealism.

  2. Thats a floaty feeling isnt it? To be free. To not be afraid of what is coming is to be free. I like how you went with three different states – the knowing and accepting, the waiting and knowing the other knows, the readiness and embracing freedom. Life is beautiful because we know death. In knowing death we make each moment count.

  3. I love the stages of death, this process of accepting and being free from fear of death, dying or stagnaity. beautiful.

  4. Oh enreal… I can’t tell you how much this one hit home with me… I almost, didn’t want to like it. I guess, I still don’t “let go” very well…

    “Letting go” It seems so… hard. like, it’s a bad thing… like giving up… like quitting… failing….. but, really, none of that is true, if and when it’s the right time. I guess, timing, and reasoning, is everything, eh? and freedom, is never a bad thing…

    This actually very much reminded me of losing my father… how badly I wanted him to “stay”… to keep trying… how I argued with him, initially, when he was “giving up” and refusing further treatment. I tried everything to make him change his mind… but, eventually, I realized, he had “fought…everyday… ” (very hard, I might add), “until that day… when he knew… and he was ready”.

    I wrote, once, “I guess, I was use to him doing things for me… because, he always had… and, so, it was hard to believe he wouldn’t NOT die for me, as well.”

    But, I know, he didn’t fail. Not me. Not himself. He never failed.

    And, he is free. As he deserved to be.

    (sorry for rambling… )

  5. The “Voices” matter not. All that matters is the contemplation, the letting go, the Light and the Freedom. With Freedom comes new Energy and new Life. Much feeling, much depth. Interesting.

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