Always Questions


are we?
is God?
is blessed?
is not?


is meaning?

is emotion?
is empathy?
is life?


is here?
is now?
is Soul?
is Life?

is Heaven?


do we achieve?
is the end?
is it right? or wrong?
is one more than another?

And when is another more than one….


Why do we feel only for certain people and not all people?


Why question?

Why care?

Who is What is Where is When is Why?

Always Why

16 responses to “Always Questions

  1. As simple as this may sound….questioning enriches our lives…it inspires us…it moves us forward…it pulls us…

    We dream…we succeed….we fail…we love…we dislike…

    all because at one time….we questioned…

  2. You speak for me.. I have been/am in this rigamarole ever since I can remember…When I think I have an answer, something happens to prove my answer wrong and again I am left with questions.

  3. Question is seeking, seeking truth.

    But the question can be wrong, a wrong perception or assumption. What do I make of good answers to misperception? Questions can indicate my inability to see reality clearly, when do I know I am clear and seeking real truth or an impostor of rationalization? Question for questions.

    Questions do seem to say I do not know something, or believe that others do not but I do. While they seem to indicate a kind of lack, they also indicate connection; asking of others and looking for cosmological or spiritual connection and reason.

    Whatever the reason, your questions to us seem to bring introspection to the deeper realities of existence and assumption. These interrogations of ignorance may well reveal beams of light in its darkness.

  4. This is like reading my own thoughts, and like “mysoul” above I also seem to be left with endless questions and endless why’s..

  5. hello enreal, dropped in to read what you have been writing. Man is the questioning animal … we tend to agree about the questions, but rarely the answers.

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