Destined Fall

Always expect what can not be
Waste not the mind
Breathe not the soul

Search for the answer
Hear the call from beyond the Sun
Carried on the wings of the Wind

Listen completely
Bring answers to the Night
Yet mourn not for the Dawn

Lateness comes early
Prepared not for the departure
For as all is destined for rapture

All is destined to fall

When the fall comes

And we stand on our knees

Let us stand tall

For our fall has hearkened a call

Our call was for the fall

Let it Be Destined

10 responses to “Destined Fall

  1. the “readiness”

    “standing on our knees” I like that metaphor, it’s like submissive pride. Humbleness. Humility. That we live our lives with grace – in order that we might die with glory.


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