Alone with time… alone in my mind

My dearest friend, my guardian, my watcher… what plagues you? For one whose presence was known, now your voice is quiet. For one whose brilliance once shone, now your light is faint. All things in time. Time is the blessing, the blessing for which the latter seems the same. The blessing of suffering and pain, yet one which experienced is indeed the same.

Time, enabler of silence. The means to an end… For which have you say my friend… is it within or without. What say you to my voice, the very voice which has been silenced? What say you to the light, for it was once ours to see in the darkest of nights… What thoughts have you to my query? The very thoughts I leave presented on the ground. My letter, my voice, my sound…

What say you to these things… shall I leave you be. Leave you with time? Shall I lay on the blanket of clouds and listen to the angels singings from above… Shall I wait for you? or is it Time… For you seem to have lost the battle… and become a prisoner to the mind…



Captivated and confused, we must lose the illusion of Time…. for what is it, truly?

8 responses to “Alone with time… alone in my mind

  1. Hello Enreal,

    The mind is so much like a donkey. It can be made to serve but will never do so without being constantly directed.

    Be content. It is not so difficult.

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