For My Father

Has it been three years you have been away, almost…  I can still see your smile… I miss you

4 responses to “For My Father

  1. Across time they still live. The shadow becomes a reality behind us, and not a thing of in-between nothingness…What persist?

    A father is an abstract concept, for a child makes a father, yet what is his nature? Somewhere there seems to be the father continuum; from technicality a male parent—to profound unwavering Love, something seemingly indestructible. The latter nature is much more realized by its nurturing spirit.

    My father chose to leave some 42 years ago. We were already motherless, left with no one with our better interest at heart. At 35 years after his death, more dots to dad were connected. The more I knew of him, the less my experience of him was clear. He became an intimate stranger. Dreams had told me of this long before; imagining him with a robust life far away from us,endeavoring to deny us as his.

    When we are seemingly abandoned, or removed from such parental love, there is a choice still, even amidst the randomness of much mortality. We certainly miss what could be with us in person; that presence of the spirit we each uniquely emit.

    Yet the Father continuum is there in the world, blessing and at times cursing our futures, but who does will the Spirit over the world? Where can we each touch flaw and perfection while embracing what was?

    Has what was, been removed? Does surface physics rule my perception of Spirit? Do spirits ever die?

    We reading your post see more than shadows of a father, we see another side of his love, an illumination. It shines upon you Enreal.

  2. There is little I can say to describe the emotions I feel upon reading this… we all hear what we need… when we need… I could not have had a stronger affirmation than reading these words, at this moment… you truly are a Godsend… blessings and thank you for your light

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