As I watch the snow fall… I feel lighter… I feel brighter… Tis a new season… be it colder… it is a time to hibernate… renew emotions and ponder feelings…

As I watch the snow fall… I feel like a child…Trying to catch a flake, how wonderful it tastes… 

As I watch the snow fall… I know… everything will be fine…  For snow is like pain, it can amount to so much so quickly, yet with time and warmth it dissolves and turns to the purest form of life…


It really is snowing outside!!! 🙂 I feel better… thank you for all your love and light… I am truly blessed to know such amazing people!

8 responses to “Snow

  1. Ah, I wish I can feel the snow in my hands…
    Yes, everything will be fine. I really believe in the end everything will work out if we don’t lose faith and hope. I am glad you feel a lot better today.

    By the way, I really like the snow falling background on your page. It feels almost real.

    ~as i am~ nice right… it is raining at the moment… but there is hope for some snow in the next few days… thank you for being here

  2. I love the snow falling on your blog!
    what an extra treat!
    so glad to read that you are moving in
    and through
    to a better space.
    Light and laughter

    ~sorrow~ thank you for your light… and laughter of course

  3. Dear Enreal, I am so glad you are feeling lighter.
    I regret that I was not here earlier to leave you a word or two. I’ve been dealing with some family things..some of them hurtful.

    I don’t have your beautiful snow in my world here..but I do have my quiet winter woods. ‘Tis a time of renewing energies.

    Your words brought me comfort today. We all help each other through such little candles we are to one another. 🙂 Even the little snowflakes falling through the words seem magical now.

    Thank you for BEing!

    ~gypsy~ what a blessing you are to me… i am sending you my light… to help with your hurt… remember you are strong and beautiful… “they know not what they do”… that sometimes helps me through

  4. “Except ye become as little children ye can not enter the kingdom of heaven.” Christ

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

    ~mossy~ what is life if we do not reach out for guidance… sharing life makes it more important… such a powerful quote

  5. I miss snow. I might have some on some years here were I live, but it is usually gone by afternoon.

    As a kid I would live out in the snow like a full time job, sledding or going to the lake to my love of ice skating. I enjoyed snowball exchanges as well, and making snow people.

    When we expected a big snow, I would wake up all through the night to go to the dining room window to look at the street light, trying to gauge the intensity (hoping school would be canceled). So many snowfalls did not fall to the depths advertised. However, it looks like your snow will add up. I’ll check by later to see how deep it is.

    Thanks for the cool comfort Enreal

    ~benafia~ your words brought a lightness to my heart. A smile to my face. A peace to my mind. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts

  6. I’ve never seen snow before in my life. It doesn’t snow on the Island. I can’t work out how to make it snow on my blog,bummer.but at last I get to see fevah on coke, oops I mean snow on you recent comments list Enreal.

    ~ fevah~ perhaps one day you shall see snow… something magical happens when it snows… especially at night. There is a silence and intensity that accompanies each flake… So pure and white… soft and delicate… they melt with the slightest breath… it is a beautiful thing…

  7. I saw snow for the first time 12 years ago…and I have come to appreciate its beauty and its purpose. I love watching it as it falls or to look upon the brides it has veiled but I am very reluctant to enjoy its freeze…

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