End of the trail

End of the Trail

The final steps taken

Shadows fall in line

The Pain

The shame

The Curse

The Blame


The end is near

We slow

We fear

Our head hung in vision

A knowing 

The decision



The end of the trail…





The end of the trail is a sculpture by James Earle Fraser. I recently became haunted by this image… Holding so much pain and rapture in a sculpture… yet there is hope and reason for it… A beautiful piece. 

15 responses to “End of the trail

  1. Beautiful poem, and this is a gorgeous piece. The posture of both horse and rider hold such an incredible mix of emotions…longing, hope, the will to carry on….thanks for sharing this!

    ~K~ you see more than meets the eye my muse… thank you for your sight

  2. wow Enreal, great poem mate. Do you draw the art as well? What an amazing pic.

    ~fevah~ I can only take credit for the words… I have a copy of this hanging on my wall… it is very beautiful

  3. The end is the beginning. 🙂

    Beautiful image and beautiful words..as I’ve come to expect from you, and I am never disappointed.

    Thank you for BEing!

    ~gypsy~ 🙂 thank you my friend

  4. Amazing image, stunning words, beautiful post.
    I love the fact that there’s no chaff to be found here; just the words that you desperately need.

    ~michael~ we always find what we need… when we need. Thank you for your words.

  5. I can’t figure out which describes which, your words describing the image or the image describing your words? You are good.

    ~as i am~ that is a beautiful thing to say… but alas… my words are the result of this beautiful image

  6. ((( Enreal ))) Hello, sweet angel. Dark angel recently? Ah…there’s such beauty in that as well. I wonder why we are oft times afraid to embrace or display our shadow side? It’s as necessary and as organic a part of us as the light. In fact…the light within us, creates it.

    When I read your poignant words, and looked at the statue, only one word came to mind: SURRENDER.

    That’s what I see in both. And it’s a glorious thing.

    ~grace~ I have missed your insight… Surrender is it… it simply is… and it is such a simple yet difficult thing… a paradox. Thank you my friend for making me see

  7. Dear enreal, I like the way you bring to life, what you feel watching the picture. It inspires to see a story, a poem everywhere….

    ~rainer~ a poem everywhere… I like that! You are right… we should be inspired to see a story everywhere… after all… we all have a story.

  8. I have this picture hanging in my living room which belonged to my grandfather and has to be very old. Have always wondered about the history of the picture. Any idea of the time-frame of the first published pictures.

    Don. Thank you for your reply… The painting “end of the trail” is an interpretation of a sculpture by American-born artist James Earle Fraser, The End of the Trail was brought to my attention by my teacher. The words/poem which accompany this image are my own, yet were drawn from the inspiration… the spirit

    You can learn more about the sculpture here…

    as for the print and/painting you are referring to… I hope this helps in your research

    Cherish the painting… it holds more than you can imagine… a powerful energy…

    Sincerely, Enreal

  9. Dear Enreal;
    You show a painting of the end of the trail and a poem.Where did the poem come from and what is it called?
    Its very beautiful.Im tempted to link here.
    take care,sincerely;

  10. Hello Rick. Thank you and welcome to my pages. The painting is of something I cherish. The words are my own I cherish them too and would be honored by your link.

    Take care~ enreal.

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