A light in a dark place

As of late I have been in a dark place. I find my mind and soul are fighting… the ego is putting me in this game once more… It is taking its toll… I am tired. I know some have voiced there concerns… I am sorry. It has crept into my writing. It has seeped into my work.

I always try to write about emotions and pain… with a hope and dream involved… the light in a dark place… I try to give hope because somewhere inside I have hope. Yet my hope is tired and needs a rest… its burdens have taken a toll… so here I am in a dark place waiting for my light. And it shall come… I think I see a faint glow… so for those on their journey. I am on mine…I must wait and see what evolves… I shall see the light. I shall be lighter. For now… I apologize for my work… 

It is my journey

Sincerely yours,


9 responses to “A light in a dark place

  1. Enreal, your work is your truth. I know the struggle to try to be positive when all around seems dark and bland. Yes, we must look for the light but also we must be true to our experience. It is good to express where we are at. Especially as you can clearly see where it is you need to head and don’t get lost in the dark totally. Keep saying it like it is. Truth and honesty are meaningful and it helps the rest of us, also struggling in the dark, know that we are not alone in our pain.

  2. Remain true to self, Enreal. There are times when the light seems to not be there at all. We really can’t write with meaning about the light for which we don’t feel or can’t see. In those times, continue to seek the light – but do expresss the dark side. Light and darkness hold the same origin. You have to find the love inside of you in order that your light will shine again. It is there – you shall find it, in fact I doubt that it’s really lost! Neglect the ego for a spell; for the ego spirit is blocking your light. PLL, CordieB

  3. The light you seek shall find you …embrace you…hold onto you… but you may not recognise it initially… Be steadfast and that which you seek will be made known to you…You shall be in my prayers…

    Love and peace to you


  4. Enreal,
    You shouldn’t have to apologize for your work. If your work doesn’t represent what you are or where you are, what meaning is there? I myself have been in that dark place lately but as you said, I have hope too. So remember you are not alone in this path.

    I am copying a poem from Rainer Maria Rilke below. I hope this poem will console you a little.

    The Sonnets to Orpheus: XXIII

    Call to me to the one among your moments
    that stands against you, ineluctably:
    intimate as a dog’s imploring glance
    but, again, forever, turned away
    when you think you’ve captured it at last.
    What seems so far from you is most your own.
    We are already free, and were dismissed
    where we thought we soon would be at home.
    Anxious, we keep longing for a foothold-
    we, at times too young for what is old
    and too old for what has never been;
    doing justice only where we praise,
    because we are the branch, the iron blade,
    and sweet danger, ripening from within.

    Translated by Stephen Mitchell

  5. I particularly respect your expression, Enreal, because it seems to represent a true life; a life with vision, with sunny days and those with inevitable storms.

    I know this about wandering away from the light; lessons, living lessons are caught in the dark stormy seas. Without even the slightest awareness, ones such as you are illuminating pathways for others to find, because of honesty.

    Honesty keeps its little secrets well, but they can be the spark to a bonfire someone will see from their own far away place. And as they approach with their lanterns, we too see lights connection.

  6. I know this feeling all too well, dear one. Without a bit of looming darkness from time to time, the light does not look as bright. To dwell in both darkness and light and recognize them as one can be a gift. Embrace those deep emotions and turn them into art…which you do so well through prose and poetry. The tide will change again and again, and each time you will learn something new about yourself, the world, and your place in it. *soul hugs* ~Kalliope

  7. I feel same way right now. It’s strange, you know that the light is there somewhere, but it’s just not so easy to see just yet. Keep looking and you’ll find it. My darkness is looming and seemingly unending, save for the fact that I know I can find my way out if I hold onto the small piece of hope that still exists in the vacuum of darkness that holds me right now.

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