When does love become a burden? I normally do not write about love. It is a bittersweet choice. I am so “in love” with the thought of something so intangible, so abstract… ethereal. Something I feel in my gut… the butterflies… I long for it. Yet I claim it does not exist. People I know find me a bit pessimistic. I consider it a choice. Be real, honest… why put hope into something that does not exist in the romanticized way… A love so profound its essence is perfect… Why try to explain the void… there will always be some kind of a void… 

This is the sadness I feel about love. I have that same sadness for love of my family. After my father passed away I felt a void. It is there with me… We were close but only so for a short time. We became friends during the later part of his life.  


A sadness can be so pure it can be mistaken for love. Love can be so deep… it can be mistaken for sorrow… So I go back to my start… When does love become a burden? Must we be strong of heart or of mind? Can we exist to be torn in two? As the Soul and the Mind? This delicate thing which though immaterial can rage wars, build empires, and shatter lives… Love can bring nirvana, yet cause insanity… Love.

“Love to faults is always blind, always is to joy inclined. Lawless, winged, and unconfined, and breaks all chains from every mind.”

~William Shakespeare







6 responses to “Love

  1. Love
    is real.
    it is falling again and again.
    into the warmth of the abyss.
    I look into the eyes of my beloved,
    and know
    so much about heaven
    and peace
    Love is not love until you give it
    with every fiber of your being..
    Ahhh sweet love.

    ~ sorrow~ perhaps one day… it is not this day… I can not give… I am tired… but to feel what you describe so beautifully, to be able to share this… it gives me hope

    Thank you for always enlightening me

  2. Not many of us know true love. The kind I feel you yearn for. It is not an emotional connection – I believe true love is of the heart and does not seek to cling or bind. It is truly only the soul that can love purely – and we are given glimpses of that love but cannot reach or sustain it yet. There is nothing wrong with finding normal human love (or what passes for it) lacking – but it can, of itself, be a path toward real pure love. By loving others to the best of our ability I believe we learn to open the heart and become truly loving. We just need practice…

    ~zenuria~ you hold great wisdom in your words… a wisdom I once held… but released due to fatigue. I know not what bothers me. Yet here is is… staring me in the face… Practice? One day I shall start again. One day I will feel your words. Thank you Zen.

  3. Zenuria said what I thought about this. I have nothing to add or take away from her statement. Simply ditto! Peace, Light and LOVE to you dearest Enreal. . .

    ~Cordie~ I felt that Love! Thank you… as with everything else… this too shall pass

  4. Like everything else, love has its balance. The good and the bad. The hurt with the joy…

    It is a hard one. I don’t think any of us really get the answer. And just when we do… it escapes us again to be relearned.


  5. Love cant exist where the “I” exists… the sadness, the burden is felt only when we feel we deserved more, we had to have more, we had to have our expectations of “how it should be” come to fruition. If we looked at our idea of love, I dont think it is our own, it was fed over the numerous generations into our psyche. If we didnt give it a name, it wouldnt be part of our “want”.
    So imho, if we were content with each moment when we experienced the joy of being, then there would be no burden, merely what you gave and what you recieved, and we have that sense of cherishing(not craving) those moments. Love wouldnt be a burden. (ditto what zen said above).

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