9 responses to “Greatest Loss

  1. I have a little book on my shelf called, “I Will Not Die An Unlived Life”, by Dawna Markova…purchased during a time in my life when I felt like one of the Living Dead.

    From personal experience I know this quote to be true. I also know that – just like the Sun rises each morning – we can each Rise Up to New Life, any moment we make the decision to.

    ((( Enreal ))) Sending you love….

  2. Memories…unfortunately there should not be a list, and if there is I hope your losses are not too painful

    Tobeme…too many people do die before their earthly lives end.

    krkbaker…it hit too close for me

    Grace…always appreciate your love and thoughts. it means more than you know. I hope I don’t die without living my life’s potential.

  3. this is so true…….. most of us may physically alive but deep inside their heart were dying… probably because they choose to live in anger, grudges, pride and being self centered….

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