Response…”I don’t believe in…”

In response to a challenge, Challenging ones beliefs. Sibbia made me explore a part of me that I never questioned before…my beliefs. I believe in almost anything that is beautiful, I do not discredit ones beliefs, faith or values. I reflected on my beliefs, things that I may not believe in, using her examples, I tried to find something. Silly as it might sound I believe in a lot of things. Some abstract, conservative, some radical. It was odd as I reflected. So I will respond “Why don’t you believe in…?”

Why don’t you believe in…
God, Mohammed, Christ, Buddha…
Power of the mind, Power of the Soul, The Soul?

Why can’t everything exist? That in itself is narrow minded, proof or no proof.

My theory is, who are we to ask? We are the discoverers of life. We hold no claim to any of these philosophical concepts. We only gave names to things we had before us. We only looked upon and identified things as we made sense of them. But it is we who made the laws we govern.

An example. The Sun. It is a bright and powerful star. It is one of millions in this galaxy, one of billions in this universe, and so on. But is it a star? If we found life somewhere else, another universe, and they told you it was not a star, but something else, would you believe them? Because they said so, would you want proof? That is the fall…we want proof, can’t leave good enough alone. Why can’t we believe in the beautiful. The concepts that are above and beyond us. Why must everything be tainted? Who is the originator, the source? Who defined us?

To me believing is necessary, we live in such sad times. Poverty, Famine, War, Intolerance, Negligence, why can’t we leave room for mystery? I personally have to hide my beliefs in fear of ridicule. Ignorance is to blame, along with fear. I wonder if they are the same? If you have nothing to believe in, what’s the sense of living. Life would be birth and death, black and white. Where is the beauty and mystery in that?

So then, where are the answers? I believe, proof or none, we hold all the answers in our Soul.
In a way it can all be proven, all, every last unimaginable, unattainable, unprovable thing. The Soul and Mind holds and creates some of the most beautiful and vivid answers. Imagination is the key. We create in our minds countless worlds, infinite space. We create a reality. This may sound strange, but when you don’t believe, you cease to be.

To read the full post click here. Worth the read and thought. It is good to challenge ones beliefs, and although I myself did not, I reaffirmed my beliefs and feel ever more strong without proof. Thank You Sibbia!