Mapping Life

There is no map for life
No path chosen before you

If you lose your way
You will find a new road

One can not be lost forever
Eventually you make your way

In this place you will recognize
In this place you will start anew

Throw away your notions
Accept what is, and what will be

7 responses to “Mapping Life

  1. What you say here is wonderful and so true for us. We have no map but God does. He knows where we are going. Sometimes it is our idea of what is mapped out before us that we need to give up and just let Him guide us back to His path.

  2. accepting what will be…
    what a carefree notion
    the free could have.

    would it be a loss to look back
    and question what makes this what it is?
    would it hurt just to linger
    even for a while?
    to while time with regret
    to feel restricted
    to be just every bit
    of that vulnerable human.

  3. We are all vulnerable
    It feels good to reflect
    To feel the pain of consequence.
    This is the learning process.
    This is the growth we need

    Regret is a thought process
    Reflect is the next level
    Thank you for your comments

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