Broken things remembered


What would you have me do

Sit here simply and dream of you

While my days decay and wander

While my nights betray as I ponder,

your fate.


Life is changing

I need you here

Time is fading the memory I once had so clear

and I fear

I may never have you near



it has been a long while

since I felt or seen your smile

it has been so many years

as I have cried and hidden tears

and now I hear

Time’s toll the bells of years


how can I call the future what it is

it holds many possibilities

all of which are dreams

and things

which are broken…


Or are they?

Perhaps my mind


my vision

is fractured

For Now

6 responses to “Broken things remembered

  1. Enreal?

    I wanted to ask you to join me here…

    You have been a source of support for me – a giving and caring influence in my life and you are a gifted and talented poet.

    I have found peace in the writing you share – I have found acceptance and friendship in your comments and the thoughts you have allowed us all to be part of.

    The link is from last year but is done every April and if you would like to join in for a month I will be there to enjoy your writing and experience the challenge.

    Be well,

    • Lou-Lou It has been a while my friend. I am glad my words found you and connected. Not an easy feet these days. I am in a similar place in time right now… Be well

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