The end of forever


So Alive


and beautiful

as we move


in the night

this night





still beautiful

still together

in the day

this day



arms raised


as she shines

first towards

then inside




yet tell me now, this forever… when will it begin?

will it remain after our final breath?

will it transcend the logic of our presence?

tell me now, what is this it… and can she even be stopped?

Can she see and breath in the answer?
Or is she the answer?

This forever began when it ended within her mind…


Let it end I say,

for these dreams of eternity

Are simply dreams.

When we wake we find

life is finite.

and  she holds it

as she holds everything


What is it?

Who is she?
Or should I say He?

The ending of forever


12 responses to “The end of forever

  1. Will we ever know what “it” is….or shall we keep faith and hope in our hearts to believe…I believe in forever….

    such a beautiful piece….winding and twisting….asking and answering…quite gifted…

    • thank you summer… it is a journey, that’s for sure. I am beginning to be fascinated by “it” we use the word so often and so often it is describing emotions, the unknown, life, wonderment… and it is so small… yet so profound… I tried to replace it to expand the piece and thats when I focused on it… because it could not be removed… thank you for seeing and being 🙂

  2. I believe it remains. I believe it transends. But then I don’t know how to believe, or what IT is either, once I start trying to think.
    This brings tears to my eyes. Very beautiful. It has captured me on a day already wistful that I have no words for but have had tears for.
    The forever, the seen and felt/the unseen and eternal/ the always and never…how can I name it? There is so much knowing in your words, and as much wondering. In your wondering, I hear your knowing. Even in my own not understanding, I understand and know.

    • Pearl… your words touch me… your tears make my heart wonder and your thoughts make my soul speak… you know more than you think and you see and feel more that you know… so which is more profound? I could not begin to know what you feel, only that I do understand the underlying sadness and I feel the light despite the dark… you are an amazing light in your own right… it shines all the way to me. Isn’t it amazing how we can not see it for ourselves? But I believe it is always for others my friend… always

  3. Lovely. All good questions, as usual, my friend… let me know if It ever lets you find the answers… 😉

    I like to personify “It” and all that goes along with It was well…

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