Behind them, I feel

the movement

the fear.

They are my eyes.


Beneath them, I hear

the pulsing

the throbbing

they are my cries.


Relentless reminders




with knowing



the breath I fear

trapped me here.

I try to sleep, I try to breathe

but all I hear as I dream

is the thunder

that I fear within.


My heart


I am awake, though my eyes are closed. My heart beats heavy, though no one knows. The sound is noise and it keeps me awake, all the while my eyes remain closed.

11 responses to “Awake

  1. To feel the intimacy…
    that is there
    even before the words were spoken
    the breathing heart…..

    Once again, the fluidity of profound beauty.
    Thank You.

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  3. The feeling light with knowing will come, only it takes a while before we can accept the knowing…Sometimes knowing makes us wish we didnt know, only to realize, its better to know.

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