Can you hear them?

How could one understand my words? Make sense of the ramblings which flood my head and spill onto these pages in chaos. They are everywhere, connections, fragments, meaningless words which form songs which sing in tunes and harmonies that I choose to ignore. Until the sounds become to loud.


Here they are flowing as a river. Not raging, nor tranquil. They are littered.

Here they sing as a breeze. Not gentle, nor harsh. They simply drift, and still they make no matter, no matter how I choose to ignore, or create, they are and always will be here. A blessing, which I shun, and with that is my punishment.



I know.

How can one understand my words? I guess they make sense to me.

Can you hear them?

13 responses to “Can you hear them?

  1. I listen – does that count?
    I heard them Enreal .

    I want to understand – with all my heart I want to.

    When I write my thoughts they are abstract, raving at times but they are my own.

    What I read here?

    They are – you.


    • You made me smile this morning, I know you listen, and thank you for that. Rantings, thoughts, abstract notions… they are us… and they exist in this universe… for all who wish to see… I wish to see and I am pretty sure you already do 😉

  2. *tap tap tap”

    testing… 1… 2…

    1…. 2… 3

    check check

    Is this thing on?!?!?


    Yeah… I think I do hear you, enreal…

    and, I’m glad I do, my friend….

    not worthless, although, I as usual, I can relate to the sentiment behind your beautiful words…

  3. Never worthless. Its not even possible. I believe you could randomly write words on a page and because of the artist that is you, they would be beautiful.

    The tone of your writing has changed while I was gone, but not the way the words and feelings flow through you on to the page.

    • Miss D… thank you for your words, the tone has changed in my life as well. you wrote recently about how time changes, people come and go, situations and such… it is one of those times right now. everywhere I look people are dying, all I hear is bad news, just waiting for it to get a little better. Until then I’m trying to keep it together. Just weird stuff happening, can’t really make sense of it, for now I am writing, but even that is weird, its all disconnected. Just rambling again… talk soon

  4. enreal,i hear you and i get you and what you are saying…feeling lost with all that’s happening around you.for me when nothing else makes sense,writing always has a way of being my wipers and sort of clearing my head….as long as you are writing,you are never too far from the answers and from figuring it out.times you just need to be still…at least when you know not what to do and have no control over thine writing my friend

  5. I can hear you, Enreal, and I understand your words. I know how much both mean to you, and I can say with honesty that I do.

    I am sorry you’re going through so much right now (such news saddens my heart), but know that as long as your river of words flows, I shall partake of the flood.

    Have peace, my friend.

    • make sure to have two life preservers and we shall be alright…

      I have been on this river since 2006, sometimes I get tired yet it is with people like you and my friends here in “this world” (or this blogosphere) that keep me going, make it worth the effort…

      I have always been a writer, yet something about having your words felt and appreciated made it feel necessary. I ramble and night, I ramble in the morning……..

      have a nice day Tim

      • Haha! Yes ma’am. ;P

        Well I’m glad I’ve helped. I think it’s important, no, vital to encourage people. And it’s not that hard when you like them. 🙂

        Haha, well, no matter what, remember that you aren’t writing for others. You are writing for you. I had trouble remembering that, and I started to feel overwhelmed by all the different “demands” of others that I thought existed, even though the only one demanding was me.

        Write for you.

        I shall listen.

        And only when you’re ready.

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