One month more

that would leave another year

 of more memories

 and less fears

they said it would heal

they did not lie

but healing is not comforting

or filling

the void is still inside

8 responses to “Void

  1. I ‘liked’ this – but I hate that word…

    I want it to say ‘I understood this’ instead.

    This ‘void’ – *sigh* – I want to say something about that…

    The void will stay – but please believe me when I say that it will allow room for this ‘healing’ they all speak of.

    You have more room inside than you realize – you can keep this space and yet allow for even more – it is inside you and if you find the strength it is infinite.


    • M.L. You are part of my strength. you and the others whom speak the right words when I need them, it falters along with my vision. My understanding is strong, may it keep. Thank you for reminding me in the power of intention, yours is an affirmation

  2. Void, Abyss, Eternity, dieing alone forever darkness…I love this piece. Man/Womankind never more alienated and alone than now…being in love is not enough…humankind must find a way together that goes far beyond one generation…enough of my rant…and my self-imposed agenda…

  3. but healing is not comforting or filling,the void is still there….no one tells you this part.they always leave at time heals but what happens before then?again,i am taken a back with how you are able to capture so much in so very little words!but the other side of the coin is that,it does get better and the sun does shine again,and the wound does heal and a smile does form again.

    • you got it… you know what I find funny, the void is truly that… I will share something that few know, I can’t cry at reality anymore. I am always sad, I used to love to cry, it felt healing and now nothing… so yes, smiles do come and wounds do heal, yet somethings don’t ever get filled.

      i feel like you get this

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