In Dreams

How can we see
What we are meant to be?

As we drift away
To where subconscious plays

At the end of the day
It is in this way

We do see,
We are more free than can possibly be.

It is in this place
No body
No space

In our minds eye
We are truly divine

It is in this present life
We suffer all strife

We learn the lessons our mind holds
We fear not and shatter the souls mold

Exploring the  potential
Attempting the  impossible
Attracting the infinite
Decoding the reason

Why then this vision
Why then this way
Why then do we forget
In the beginning of the day?

Why does our mind shadow secrets
When the answers are already at hand

it is in the timeless grains of sand

may we never understand

Whether the beginning ends the day

It is in this way

For our mind must pass the test

Leaving the answers hidden at rest

For when they will arrive

Only time and mind decide

For now they shall be




Remaining in dreams

13 responses to “In Dreams

  1. Ahh, dreams. The perfect escape from reality, only to lose it the moment we open our eyes. 😉

    Your poem brings Inception to mind.

    I like it. 🙂

  2. Thank you Enreal…

    I have been fighting dreams – staying awake for days, keeping them from me as surely as I avoid living through them.

    They have a way of breaking through daylight – they will not be denied, will not play silently when there is a message they mean for you to have…

    I wonder if my dreams connect me to yours at times – like a friend with another having a spiritual coffee in an ethereal shop of dreamers all bent on finding their meanings in the froth of milk and the way it swirls in the cups?

    Silly fancy – but still…

    I’d like it – to sit with you and speak of these things and more.


    • L~ as I read your words I knew. My friend I am always here. For coffee or conversation. Always. May your dreams haunt me for one nights rest for you.


  3. I enjoyed this poem enreal. I wish for a day that we can live our dreams…in my mind I realize the chance is slim to none…but my heart and soul still wish it so.

    • “do we not live in dreams?” -Tennyson

      This is a life line for me…as long as I can dream I can exist, and maybe, just maybe one day one of my dreams may come true.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts TinCup

  4. We have to try to be the part of us that knows that nothing is hidden.

    Thanks Enreal. I am understanding this poem in a different way now.

    I like the photo very much.


    • mossy,
      You got it… we do! thanks for seeing. as for the photo…
      I shall post the whole image… It is pretty cool, I actually forgot about this photo. I came across this flower in CA, they have the most beautiful wildflowers there

  5. Is not the vast abyss between dreams and reality the propelling force that turns man or woman to the Muses…left without the choice of living the dream…one inevitably turns to the last resort…ART.

  6. Your words are always so lyrical that the deep meaning kind of sneaks up on me. I just don’t think you’ve ever written anything I don’t like, but . . .

    For now they shall be
    Remaining in dreams

    That is so beautiful.

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