Deaf and Forgotten

Do you hear it? the forever. there are things that are true and there are those things which are false. Watch them, the waves of song, the voice ,that ethereal sound. the screaming inside. the fire. the soul breaking shatter. It grips you and shakes your soul. Pleading.

Do you hear it? the yearning. there are things which remain unspoken and there are things which are and will forever be broken. Watch them, the traces of light, the glance which steals it path through and throughout the unfortunate dreamers. gone are the dreams, frozen. the time stopping fear of being lost. Lost in waiting to be heard.

Can you hear anything anymore? how can one choose to be deaf to it? I know how, and I forgot how to listen. Do you care anymore?


Whether I care is irrelevant. I have listened, I have heard and I have spoken. The Forgotten are the Lonely. Remember that.

2 responses to “Deaf and Forgotten

  1. i must be dancing, i must be dancing in somewhere in some form of existence, my mind is along with it, it is as light as the dandelion, picked up by the wind, carefree, adventurous, not fearful or anything, it doesnt care it would disintegrate, in fact it would be better if the wind is kind enough to blow it apart, so that it would reach every corner at the same time, no longer bound by morphology or distance, humidity or gravity. Dandelion, yes now i am dandelion. You cant see me, but i can see you. I am everywhere. I am vapour. I can evaporate, I can sublime. I am dancing. and i have not forgotten. and i love you. and for where you feel the breeze, i was there, i was kissing your cheeks, picking up your scent, i was whispering to you a language you wont understand, or even notice. then i will be off with the breeze, but i will visit from time to time.

    i will remember to dance for you.

    • and i will be forever grateful. blessed am i for your words and presence. thank you for remembering. the most beautiful of memories. i can remember once again… it exists, therefor even if I forget, i will forever see your shadow dancing along with your words.

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