Ideally Imperfect

What were we taught?
Think about what we know.
It was all created by us,
Language and society.
All of it is conceptualized by us.

A baby is born into the world
We nourish, teach and love
We raise it, as we were raised
Sometimes different,
But most with good intentions

Sometimes along the way
A path is crossed
A child ventures the wrong direction
That child in the future misguided,
Misguides another
This cycle, vicious as is
Is Life

It takes One to eat from the forbidden fruit
It takes One to lead the wrong life
It takes One to teach the wrong message
It takes One to corrupt a beautiful mind

But alas, all is not lost.
The soul is pure,
It is the vessel is tainted
To live and learn the lessons of this Life

We teach based on word of mouth
We teach based on basic principles
We want to achieve good

Point being
We know what we were taught
We accept what was given
We trust what has been spoken

What if we question life?
What if we change one part of our existence
What if we train society to be less of what it knows
End the vicious cycle of want and unnecessary needs
Begin a new existence
Utopian Visionary
Ideally imperfect