All I want is…

“All I want is to recieve what I deserve…”

One  must be careful for what one asks for…  

Who determines what one recieves… do we? And if so… how can I place this judgement upon myself, how can I be objective? And yet, how can I ask someone outside of my life to understand my needs? How could I trust in another? This would put each as individuals in charge and responsible for our actions… we would be responsible and held accountable to ourselves. It is easy to put blame in an outside world, an outside force. “It is out of our hands” so to speak. It is easy to blame others for what is lacking, it is simpler to lose focus and watch, rather than take action and responsibility…

All I want is what I deserve…

Do I deserve happiness… whose to say if not I?

Do I deserve peace? Whose to say if not I?

Do I deserve pain? Whose to say if not I….

Could one be unbiased? Could one rise above individual needs? Could you? I know not, in this time and place… if I could.

10 responses to “All I want is…

  1. Ooohh.. This cuts straight to the core of my being.. I believe in personal responsibility.. That we are completely responsible for our own lives – it’s not someone else’s responsibility to make us happy, decide what we need, who we are, what we must do/be..

    Could I be unbiased? Not at the moment – I am the sum of all my experiences, and as such, anything I do for others is always tainted by that..

    • fibi~ tainted is a perception… one which is not set free from the ego… you my dear open heart seem much more than that… search within and you shall find your answer

  2. Only you can decide what you deserve, and only you will settle for what you get…
    And when a karmic debt is collected, it will be you who pays.

  3. Hello Enreal,

    What has value? (“I want” has much ‘I’ in it.)

    You may be able to work toward aquiring what you value most, and you might even attract some help, but if you do not know what it is that you value most then your chances of getting it are diminished.

    We certainly do not deserve anything (What did we do to deserve anything?) but the Universe is quite generous. What we recieve is infinate bounty, but we usually do not recognize it.

  4. One must be careful what we ask for because is some way we will get it. We need to understand the consequences of getting what we ask for. The universe does not have our understand of what we perceive as good/bad, right/wrong.

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