Nobody to somebody

How can someone do this? Hold and act on so much anger. What drives someone to take a life? This just goes to show, you never know. My sister made an excellent point. A nobody can become a somebody instantly.

What if…what if he woke and had a good morning? Actually felt good, alive. I feel sorry for him… He was obviously ill. He was obviously small. That doesn’t mean that this could have been prevented. Life is what it is, things are as they are.

As life unfolds and time passes, we have to learn from our mistakes. Don’t give up on others. Take a minute and reach out to someone else. We as a society have to open our eyes and hearts during the day to day, not only during tragedy. People need one another. We need to be nicer to one another, have empathy, grow as a society. Ignoring the problems will ultimately be our failure to Life.

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