What have we done?

What have we done to the world
What have we done to each other

We have damaged
And broken one another

We feel the pain
We feel the woe

When will we understand
When will we accept

Something to be done
Not sure how to start

Pain we can endure
We are meant to face

Like it is meant to be
Like it is said to be
We must begin to see

Build through the damage
Rummage through the waste

We can make it
Things could get better
We could be better

All this endless hate
All this wasted energy

Imagine what it would be
If we made it be

Imagine what it could be
If we make it be

We need to achieve
We need to accomplish one thing
Unlike anything we have ever done
We need to make it be
What is it?
You will see…

Nobody to somebody

How can someone do this? Hold and act on so much anger. What drives someone to take a life? This just goes to show, you never know. My sister made an excellent point. A nobody can become a somebody instantly.

What if…what if he woke and had a good morning? Actually felt good, alive. I feel sorry for him… He was obviously ill. He was obviously small. That doesn’t mean that this could have been prevented. Life is what it is, things are as they are.

As life unfolds and time passes, we have to learn from our mistakes. Don’t give up on others. Take a minute and reach out to someone else. We as a society have to open our eyes and hearts during the day to day, not only during tragedy. People need one another. We need to be nicer to one another, have empathy, grow as a society. Ignoring the problems will ultimately be our failure to Life.

Good Bye

Why do we forget the living
We remember the dead

Why is it always too late
To say the right things

Why do we take life for granted
We never appreciate what we see

When the night came
I had the chance

When the morning breaks
I screamed in pain
I screamed in vain

I never said goodbye
I wish I had

If I close my eyes
I can still see you

If I close my mind
I can still hear you

It never remains the same
Life and her cruel heart

It is not always what it seems
Then forever falls short

Leaving behind time
Time to hurt for the past