What would you have me do

Sit here simply and dream of you

While my dreams lay broken on the floor

Never to fly

Never to soar


What would you have me do

Get on my knees and beg of you

To unveil your eyes and hear my tears

They are only tears

They fall


What would you have me do

As I know I have all of you

Despite my mind

I know my  heart

If ever should part

It would be  a start to loss

4 responses to “Loss

  1. The echo of my heart. Even amidst the chaos… the butterfly effect. Where everything effects everything… Every word, every heart beat, every breath. Yes, even every thought.

    Whatever you bring to this love, will turn to a sacred flame. You are the truth. You are the eternal witness.

    Awake presence, even consciousness and awareness cannot grasp or define…Where time disappears..
    Swimming in the vastness … Be free and fly…

    May wherever he is, may he awake to the beauty… and hear your tears within the symphony of silence..

  2. Well dear Enreal, these words touch my heart. Thank you for this moment of joy and sadness…

    Cu Ray
    By the way, great that you are still online. I have been away for some time…

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