We all have voices that need to be heard

We all have feelings


Individual yet as a whole

A din in the wind of the six dimensional soul

Hear them sing as they ring in your ears through the tears

Disguised as fears within the years

The constant


Of Static

2 responses to “Static

  1. Thank You….
    As I often can be found sitting with the static of which you write. The often-constant voices.

    The differences between awareness and thinking
    waking to present moment awareness….
    Opening the door to not knowing,
    drawing from unconditionally listening to the now.

    To hear your voice and yes your words, for each are equally
    What you are is beyond duality,
    Un-definable, ungraspable, yet
    all inclusive.

    Even my words obscure your essence.

    Yet, I turn back the pages, to find in my own words that seem
    as if some far off mirage;

    “I write of sorrow, the cry of the heart. I write in tears yet unborn.
    And I weep in words still to form. I write for the passion in me requires it.
    The passion in me flies across the page.
    It is my desire,
    more than this
    it is my necessity to be heard,
    to be felt,
    to be seen.”

    So easily we can be misunderstood…. When all that remains is Love.

  2. I say not misunderstood because there are those who do understand, and see, that even the darkest of times and saddest of moments can produce the most ethereal of beauty.

    It is a gift to see beauty in words. More oft than not it is obscured and even lost to our distracted eyes.

    Thank you Stephen!

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