One Day I shall see you again. If not in this world, in a dream world. As it happens to be, I remain waiting, as I was that day you left me behind. But it’s alright, time is funny here, I can’t explain why, I know I’ll be seeing you soon.

6 responses to “Waiting

  1. Hey Enreal?

    Time – it’s …

    The way you say ‘time is funny here…’

    That is true Enreal – I mean it really is.

    We are made to pay attention to time to quantify our lives but we really have no need to.

    BUT – ‘time’ does keep us – it holds us to the world and to the people in it and allows us to mark the things we need to learn to move on.


    • your theories make sense, even though my mind wishes to understand there is something missing… one day we will see, until then… we have our words and your visions, thank you M.L.

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