Slowly I turn to see your face,

the lines around your eyes.

Are they smiling or are they sad?

I try to catch your stare

Its gaze far from here

I watch your movements,

Your body unattached



I touch your shoulder, as if waking from a trance

I felt the touch against my shoulder

I felt the pull of energy from mine and mine from yours

I felt your spirit cling as if for hope, waiting for more


So far away are your thoughts

As mine are reaching for yours

So distant

It makes me cry

The saline tears fall to your side


They turned your gaze

Attention focused

My attention drawn

I face you,

You finally see me

You stare

Our eyes

Our beautiful eyes


Be that they always see light

Be that they alway learn

For they have

Even as vision fades

I am outside

You are Inside


Yet forever it feels as if we are always meant to be