Would they realize I was gone? Vanishing, never to be heard from again.

Would they take my  leave as an invitation to search, to try to figure out… what happened?

Would they feel my absence? More than physical, more than emotional? Or lack there of…

Would they take my leave as prompted? Something led cause to this, yet they know not what…

Reassure them that I have left so many times, this is but the first time they noticed.

The countless hours spent within

My thoughts

An untold number of wishes

A myriad of dreams

All passed on, by the ones who now take notice

I will return. Time moves strange where we are. The absence noticed by the others, is simply a flicker of recognition

This makes me smile, for they know not where we are.

The others see and mirror the other facets of where we are.

The many sides of the cut gem

Our mind…

Would they realize I was gone? Only if they realized they were too.

10 responses to “Gone

  1. I notice…but I am always gone…smiles
    you know…my head races at times…my mind seems to never stop…but I never can seem to write it out…never as fast as I think it anyways..you write it out so wonderfully…and when I read sometimes…my mind races w/ yours…
    btw…I would notice…

  2. I loved this… my brain rambles and wonders like this sometimes…

    And, the ending… “Would they realize I was gone? Only if they realized they were too.” – was perfect!

    I’m long gone baby… looooooong gone…. lol 😉

    Thanks for sharing, enreal. =)

  3. Ah the mind is a fascinating thing(or should I say Being). Most times mine is gone and I never know until I return that it was gone, by then the time wont matter but should yours be gone, I would notice and it would matter…

    • MySoul… interesting… “Being”… that describes it right… wouldn’t it be nice if we were aware of our travels during? instead of the rude reality shock… oh well, thanks for your awareness…

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