Another night

The Angel sits silent in the corner.

Waiting for the breath to slow.

Watching for the eyes to glide, 

Back and forth smoothly beneath the surface.


Waiting and Watching for the moment.

The seconds which pass into minutes,

The minutes which fade into seconds.

Time is unseen by Angels.


The Angel steps slowly from the shadows.

“Ready for another journey?” He smiles at his friend.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” She smiles her knowing smile.


Another journey unfolds

Another adventure foretold.

Another voyage for the soul.

For its just another night

9 responses to “Another night

  1. Time is also unseen by the universe, by existence that is.
    But for us (humans), time is the ultimate ruler, the absolute benchmark (if any) against which we measure, comprehend, compress.
    But in thus doing, it is only ourselves we measure, becoming aware of our own finality, against which (as Camus puts it in his Sisyphus) our flesh rebels.

    If life is to be a journey, each step is its destiny, with each step a different facet emerges, only to be veiled again: Such is the alphabet of “fate”. Time intermingles with change creating my own face, a face that again is submerged in change:

    There is nothing permanent except change. Heraclitus

    (maybe I’ve digressed from the lines your poem, but such is “journey,” “adventure,” “voyage” as I understand)

    • ~Pierre~ you enriched the valleys of this piece with growth and knowledge… a beautiful accompaniment. While I was dreaming your words were awake with wonder, Thank you

  2. sometimes it’s all about the angels.
    And I believe in them.
    I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have one . . . maybe two.
    I’m a busy guy 😉

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