The perfect conversation

Have you ever tried to really communicate with someone. Yearned for that perfect conversation that comes too seldom and leaves too quickly, leaving you with emptiness and the fear that you may never again feel the same clarity as you did mid sentence? I am searching for the perfect conversation…

People are too fearful to be open, to think upon those unspoken truths of life and death and what ever fills the in-between. I am here to ask those questions. Those philosophical questions. We go together through these questions into the unknown, for we may never know. Yet…we have hope, because it is in our nature to hope and to ask.

In the process of asking these questions I ask you the readers to ask…ask what is filling your soul…what is filling your thoughts. Ask so that we the readers may feel confidence in the unknowing and share with one another.

I begin by asking one question. Mind you there are no answers we are just building towards something greater than one mind. A civilization of thoughts. We build the imaginary world of thought into a reality. Please share your questions so that we may build the perfect conversation.

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,”To talk of many things…” (Lewis Carroll)

Fact of existence…

“Life is as tedious as a twice-told tale, vexing the dull ear of a drowsy man” (Shakespeare)

Imagine life in the context it is…day to day drone of ordinary, then surprises…new things…occupy time…what have we but a damaged world, a beautiful world, a sad world, a new world to the born, an old to the dying. What next? What have we next? Life is a treasure discovered hidden beneath the sea. A secret found within pages of old text. A language lost with the sounds of time. A breath swept among the winds of change.
What is life?

2 responses to “The perfect conversation

  1. You are truly inspiring! Your work needs to get out there………I believe you are a special one………one that has an ability to make a difference, one that can touch people and change people, for the better. You and your writings are beautiful!

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