Questions to God

If you were to have a conversation with God, what would you say, what would He say?
Here is a list of questions worth addressing.

Q 1 Why are people so different and yet so the same? Of all the wants in the world I would say what people desire most would be love, affection, and a meaningful purpose.
On the other hand there are some that don’t want those complex emotions; there are some that simply want food, shelter and health.

Q 2 Why is it that those things are not granted to all? Why are some people (myself included) philosophizing about God and meaning, when there are so many dying before our eyes every minute?
And with that in mind, while people are suffering, there are those who dedicate their lives to helping, why aren’t more people opening there eyes to the world?

Q 3 Why are there people who do not recognize others as themselves? I believe that most people today do not see themselves in others; they do not recognize the same features that link all of us into one species, and one race. Who are they to dispute genetics, science or a simple thing called life? It is so disturbing to know that we are all made up of basically the same materials, we are all breathing practically the same air, and yet we do not think enough to share the same mind, body or soul.

Q 4 Why then is there Hate? If we share all these wonderful gifts, why then do we not see past the physical differences? Why can we not accept different beliefs. They say hate arises from the deepest part of our subconscious, so is that to say that there is no cure for hate, or is it to state that hate is the alter ego to love. If we were to ultimately eradicate hate, would that in turn kill love? Would it be worth it?

Q 5 Why Religion? Why Faith? Why would God allow all this in His name?