False truths to know

Is it all in my head,

the miseries, insecurities, doubts?

Did they leave me,

or did I close them out?

Should I have fought,

for the other reasons ?
(Should I have heard them out?)


Perhaps it was me,

perhaps I am the one to blame.

Yet though it all,

I would listen just the same.

I begged and pleaded for one to make it clear.

Yet no one would show me

I saw them turn and disappear

(At least that’s how it seems)


Tell me it’s all in my head, please.

Every time I face a fear, I win.

Yet the fears within rage and shall always take my place

On the center of the stage

I wait


with my false stories and reasons that drive me insane

My reasons have a name

It breathes with the same



Self Worth

2 responses to “False truths to know

  1. Everything is in our head, but that doesn’t make things less real. The miseries, the fears, the insecurities, they’re all there, inside and outside, everywhere. It’s what you do with them that matters…the strongest characters are full of scars. It’s good to visit you again 🙂

  2. I celebrated another birthday just last week and your words remind me how I always reflect around my birthday….wondering…thinking….doubting…finding a purpose…somehow love helps me find it….that or I run out of time to think…hahaha….always love your writing….always make me think when I stop by….I like it

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