“You are who you are.

they may try to

but they never shall



They have been saying this for years…

What happens if they already have?

What then?

Am I still me?

I think I know the answer… I don’t like it too much

8 responses to “Broken

  1. Deep post, your words sting! I don’t think they can ever truly break you, more force self to sleep to hide away.
    It is then we have to draw all our strength to reawaken, find our way again liberate self again, and be free!
    Once you break back through I think you kind of find some completeness and a become truly free!
    Just my thoughts

  2. Beautiful Enreal-
    I wrote a comment here yesterday, but it flew away somehow or I didn’t post. Maybe you heard me anyway….
    Yes I think you are still you. Yesterday, I met a broken young man. I told him about diamonds, deep deep down, created from carbon and pressure, and time. I believe he is becoming a diamond. I believe I am being made a diamond. I’m starting to know it….what’s the difference between the carbon and the diamond? The pressure is unbelievable. But I’m starting to see her, the Diamond.
    John in the Bible wrote that a seed must die. Maybe it’s the same thing. We’re still the same, but something new and more, and something of us dies to get here. It’s hard to let go. So hard, for me.
    “Am I still me?” Yes, and no. I got broken, but I become…….maybe a diamond.
    Thank you for your beautiful writing, Diamond Girl.

  3. I guess I believe you are always you…and even if you find yourself with some missing parts…or broken parts…you find yourself surrounded by those who help you mend…they help mold you into something new….maybe even stronger…maybe with even a bit more character…maybe even more beautiful than you ever imagined…look around…there are always those that help…

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