Another chapter

See you at the end of the world

Beginnings and endings are difficult, but what’s between them makes it worth while to endure them.

We crawled out of the darkness, and looked upon the sky. But the sky was also dark, only illuminated by the distant fading lights. And our quest to understand them began. Our quest of hundreds and thousands of years. It seems like it will never end, although we are closer with every new step we take. But where do our steps take us? Towards the darkness we came from, or towards the light, or towards the grey mists we will never be able to navigate through? Each question only begs us to go forward, to see and feel, to touch and smell, to hear the pulsing beat of the heart of the universe. And what awaits there, at the far edge of the world? Will we reach it before we fall? Will it be…

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