Imagine sorrow digging a trench in your soul
A seemingly endless hole
Whose bottom is filled with pain, grief and sadness

The base is so deep
So is the pain

In that trench of everlasting grief there is a breath
A glimmer of thought

The amount of suffering it takes to fill
Is the amount of depth it takes to complete

That feeling

Invert the pain
That trench…that feeling
That is your capacity of hope
That seemingly endless hole
Will one day be the seemingly endless mountain

The peaks arising
The beautiful horizon
Away from the pain
Away from the sorrow
Away from the darkness
Into the light
Joy and happiness

The capacity for pain
Is the capacity for Love

People are too quick to dismiss emotions. People are too quick to evoke the wrong emotions. If we accept all feelings, painful and painless, then we might learn. -Enreal

“What does not kill me makes me stronger” -Friedrich Neitzsche

“Suffering is permanent, obscure and dark, and shares the nature of infinity”

2 responses to “Inverted

  1. I want to thank you for sharing this amazing and powerful poem. You couldn’t have described the grief any better!! Grief is so much pain and sorrow. No matter how much I try, my grief trenches my heart. I am grieving my only child David. David was 19 years young when he crossed over to the Universe parallel to us, it was November 6, 2008, my clock stopped and my music stopped. Time stood still, days, month, and years go by, but for me there is not time. What makes it all so much tougher is trying to be a part of the world that doesn’t understand GRIEF.

    • Marlene… words can not properly explain what I feel when I read your words… I understand only as much as I possibly could. I am simply sorry you have to understand it the way you do… for no one should have that knowledge… yet as I write these words I know that some are chosen to and in that they must share their knowledge… blessings to you for sharing your thoughts here with me… one day we will all understand life as we are meant to ..

      Be strong my friend,

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