Inspiration and Acknowledgment

I was driving home from work this evening I suddenly became a bit happier. I began thinking of all the wonderful people I have been in contact with through this wonderful platform… Blogging has become an outlet for most... I believe there are many needs that are being fulfilled through this alternate plane. Some emotional, metaphysical, cultural uprising… A way to connect with the mind and spirit, through words and imagery rather than a societal facade…

People need a way to connect with others, wether through photography or philosophy… People need a way to express themselves with lack of judgement… They need a way to break barriers and challenge their boundaries of logic.

So as I am inspired by so many I thought they should know how honored I am. We all need a little inspiration in our daily lives and I wanted to recognize those whom inspire me…

Baekho… Shares a point of view that is clever and thought provoking. His style is meaningful…

Paul from Cafe Philos… brings interesting discussions with a sort of empathy that is repressed by most… his wit is evident in his style of writing

Aeode… what a profound pain written in her poetry… there is a light that is embedded in her words… they are intertwined… beautiful voice…

Grace… what can I say? An amazing and beautiful soul… ever changing as a Phoenix

Rob at I wish I could tell you… Always the teacher… Always willing to challenge himself for himself and others… a deep knowledge is present here, one that he is trying to share

J Alan… Brilliant artist, through photographs and words. The images he captures are breathtaking and surreal… I only wish to see half of the wonder he has shown though himself…

Zenuria… Zen a beautiful and kindred spirit… deep knowledge speaks to her soul and she expresses it eloquently in her words and photographs…

Sorrow… Indeed felt through her empathy… Complete and altruistic… forever enlightening others to the possibilities of life…

Lady by the water… A beautiful soul… forever. Her words speak to those who wish to understand love… on many planes

Miss Demure… Deep understanding of life flow through her words, at times I wonder if she realizes the impact of her words on others…wether through witty humor or powerful poetry… she stirs something within

Sea of memories… her unique and moving works… her music, her words, her soul… words can not express some of the emotions evoked from her mind to my soul

Kalliope Amorphous… She calls herself the muse catcher… I believe she has… Her art is something that can not be described… She captures something in her art that is boundless and infinite…

Goldenferi… A light of hope is shining for us to see. To learn from… She shines that light. A great insight she has, one that she shares with us… a beautiful soul

Raymond… A soul needing to be heard, a tale needing to be told… Give him the strength and desire to be heard…

Mother Winter Moon… Such a beautiful soul… She blesses us with her knowledge and instills in us a sense of peace and tranquility… Bless her

Spaz… This is one woman who transcends herself… whenever she writes I find myself in a new mind-frame… She has a way of sharing her soul through her words. Insightful and knowledgeable

Surface Earth… An all encompassing force… A voice all her own, reaching so many with a profound sense… Another wise and empathetic Soul…

Abdur Rahman... he has a corner where he shares his soul. Peace and love flow through his words as well as knowledge and depth

Mossy… his heart does speak, and his voice echos with a reminder of the perfection behind knowledge and love

Necromancer… indeed a diviner of sorts… intellect and wit behind his words I find…a profound message are hidden within each phrase…

I only know him as 99ppp… his words are poignant and meaningful…a truly gifted soul who shares a light and love through an honest and pure light… a force of good in this crazed sometimes confused world

Mark… indeed what is would be like to be him… probably one of the most aware and beautiful souls I know… He has a way of unveiling certain mysteries while recognizing the complexities of Life… He makes you wonder and analyze yourself…I sometimes simply read the comments left behind by those he has touched… beautiful soul…

Akash… You visit and leave beautiful words, yet I know not where you dwell… if your words are shared through another place… blessed be

The list of links above are a sort of tribute… All have led me to wonderful places in my heart, my soul, my mind… all have bared and shared a part of their being…I always believed in a underlying purpose a universal longing to connect… this is an affirmation of sorts… a beautiful affirmation…

Continue to live and learn… Life will always be by our side

Old Words

Your words remind me of an old language

A time of peace

A time of reflection


Your words have woken deep within my soul

A place seemingly lost

Waiting to speak


Your words have slumbered

Along with my mind

Awoken they have become


Waiting to be heard 

  “Your words remind me of an old language awaken from a deep slumber…I welcome them to my soul” -Enreal 

Logically, yes…

Logically yes…it can all be explained.

The thoughts and dreams.

The tiny glimpses of a surreality so perfect and happy it makes you yearn for that mental space again.

The perfect conversations laid at the perfect times that make it all seem as if the world, time and space are in synch with you, every fiber of you.

The subtle calm upon waking and realizing the night before, the dreams and adventures are gone into the vault of our minds. It was just a dream…and the longing for them to be reality…

Yes, indeed, it can all be explained. But why? Why explain wonderment? Why try to predict the unpredictable? Why does everything need a reason…Let it be and realize certainty is a myth. All be told, we define our surroundings. We give names to the nameless and rules to the chaos. Let it be and live in the uncertainty of Life…that is the only thing we can be certain of.


I am the one you wont behold
I hold something you can not mold
I have peace forever old
I have centuries of secrets which wont be told

I am your peace
I am your solace
I am your undefinable
I am your abstract

I give you comfort
I am your friend
I am your father
Until the end

Some call me Soul
Some call me Old
Some call me God
Yet some never call

A captive of Life
Confined in you
Forever with you
Unassumingly misunderstood

Tidal Wave

You dreamt of this
A force unseen

You dreamt of this
An energy obscured

You dreamt of this
This place, this vision

Forgetting the fear
Retracing the purpose

Before you arrives
As if sent by meaning

This chaos
This confusion

Before you falls
A weight of life

A strength
An answer

Before you fades
As a veiled mirage

This peace
This victory

So then why
This fear
This angst

You conquer
You defeat

A minds tidal wave
Gracious potential